Will Spokes Upcoming Visit & Dinner Invitation - Oct. 4-6

Will Spokes Upcoming Meeting & Dinner Invitation

Dear Members and Attenders of Grace Presbyterian,

We will soon welcome Pastor Will Spokes to Grace Presbyterian, and I write with some excitement to outline that visit.  As you likely recall, we hired Will to help guide our conversations at Grace over the next series of months, with the goal that we would gain a vision for our church ministries in the future, and as a result be able to produce a job description for our next Senior Pastor.  

Will arrives in Lexington on Friday October 4, and will be with us through the afternoon of Sunday October 6. Let me put an invitation right up front in this email – we want to invite you to a dinner (with childcare) on Saturday October 5 from 5:00-7:00 at Grace. Pizza, salad and soft drinks will be served. There you will be able to meet Will in an informal setting, and participate in our first conversation together. The theme for this first visit is the history of Grace Presbyterian, a chance for us to reflect on how God has shepherded us over the years, through good and through difficult times. We'll enjoy dinner together for the first part of the two hours, and then move into a conversation.  

In addition to this gathering we have arranged for Will to meet a subset of folks from Grace, ministry leaders and members from various walks of life, in individual and small-group formats.   

Once again, please remember our Pastoral Transition webpage where you will find information about Will’s background  and an outline of the plan for his work with us.  Finally, let me say again what our overall plan hopes to deliver: a ministry vision for Grace church, and a job description for the Senior pastor, by April 2020; a congregation-nominated and elected Pulpit Committee to begin a job search that same April, and finally a new Senior Pastor hire by May 2021.   

Hope to see you on Saturday October 5 at 5:00 for dinner.  

Your brother in Christ,

Michael Anderson, Elder and clerk of Session.