Welcome to Grace

Paul Carter, Senior Pastor

You can't know a church until you see what’s really behind the smiles and Sunday dress. Websites tell part of the story. Visits tell a bit more. Let me tell you what I have found to be behind the smiles and Sunday dress among the people here at Grace.

Who We Are

We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to love Him more tomorrow than we do today. And we don’t want to have to ignore what’s really going on in our lives in order to do that. We have learned that God directs our paths so that wherever we are along the way, Jesus meets us. When He meets us He shows us more about who we are so that we can see the accomplishments of His grace or can repent where necessary. And when He meets us, He always shows us more about who He is so that we can love Him more and more.

What You Will Find

So what you’ll find behind the smiles and Sunday dress is people who believe that God has brought us together to be the Church of Jesus by encouraging each other through developing relationships at whatever speed that works best for each of us. We come together to build greater love for Jesus and for each other, a deeper understanding of His grace at work in and around us and the faith that motivates us to serve Him together in this community and around the world.

Come and See

I have been the pastor of this church for 36 years and am proud to call these people my friends and my brothers and sisters in Christ. I think you will, too. If you are wondering how faith works, what the grace of Jesus means in a life chock-full of “real,” and whether you can fit into a church like this, come see. We work at being the family of God as it is described in the Bible: one that experiences Jesus together.


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