These Tragic Days

A Letter From Paul Carter and Session


The people of this church, along with the rest of the world, watched in horror and disbelief when Mr. George Floyd was held down and killed. Names, faces, and events of people from years past who suffered in similar and worse fashion have since flooded our minds and re-broken our hearts. We have lamented the racism that has existed throughout human history and we lament its ongoing presence in spite of the advances made in our society over the last sixty years. 

We abhor the death of Mr. Floyd. We join our voices in protest against such callous treatment of the citizens of our Nation and will continue to focus our efforts in ministry to teach that all peoples are created in the image of God with souls that can never die. We will continue to plead for our Lord to bring peace, justice, and righteousness to this world that is in such deep rebellion against Him. 

In light of Scriptural teaching and the work of Jesus in our own lives, we re-commit to serving Him through persistently living in light of His command to love one another and to serve as He served by means of the love that He has poured out in the hearts of His people. (Romans 5:5) He showed what serving love means and how to live out that love in passages such as John 13:12-17,  I Corinthians 13:1-7 and Philippians 4:4-9, specifically, but also throughout the teaching of the whole Bible. 

In times such as ours there is never enough said, or enough that can be said, to fully express our sympathy for those suffering as did Mr. Floyd and, by his passing, his family, and those throughout our Country. Neither are we able to fully express our frustration at the blindness growing in our nation or to express our anger over what we see happening too frequently. And so we pledge to continue our efforts to proclaim the Prince of Peace and to pray for His Spirit to envelop our nation even as we serve in His name praying that He would quickly return to reign in true justice and righteousness forever and ever. 

May our God give us strength in word and action to reflect the reality of His righteous Kingdom in this broken and torn World.