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Ministry & Building Update - April 2018



In our last update we shared how we had been approved by MTW to purchase a ministry home.  Although only one week has passed we wanted to update you and ask for your prayers.  Today we toured a space Cathalain and Niwako, our Pastor’s wife, found on the internet.  The uniqueness of this space is that it would not only provide living space for our family, but would be great for ministry space as well. The entire first floor meets all the conditions for ministry space we have been looking to rent over the past year.  Before going we knew this was going to be a fixer upper and indeed it is a fixer upper.  However, there is great potential for this space to be used to help start the Sakae Church Plant.
The Location
  • Accessible to two subways lines, two bus lines, a train line and is located on a major thoroughfare providing excellent street frontage.
  • It is just outside of our target area, but a great location for outreaches, meetings, office space, music ministry, etc.
  • The nearby elementary school has grown in size because many new condos have been built bringing in many young families. (A bonus for building relationships.)
The Space
  • The space would need a complete remodel just like Shiga Church did three years ago. This would add to the price, but also means the space would be clean and new.
  • The building is three stories.  The first floor has a large open room with a kitchen. There is one toilet and the potential to put in a second handicap accessible toilet. (Perfect for cooking class, Bible studies, English class, worship in the beginning stages of our church plant, etc.)
  • The second floor has five bedrooms, but would become four medium size (in Japan size) rooms after the remodel, a bathroom, and bathtub room.
  • The third floor is a large open room which would be the kitchen/dining/living area. There also is an outdoor rooftop deck.
  • Noise wouldn’t be a factor because of the road and surrounding buildings so having kid’s events, worship practice, Gospel Choir practice, etc. wouldn’t be a problem.  (A huge bonus in Japan.)
The Downside (Nothing is Perfect!)
  • For our family it would mean living above where we do a lot of our work.  Although there are great conveniences there is great potential, especially in the culture in Japan, to make it more and more difficult to truly unplug from work and properly rest.  Could we truly protect our family space and time?
  • The price for land/current structure seems a little high, but when you consider it would be living and ministry space in Nagoya City it seems quite reasonable.  Our Pastor still feels we need to negotiate the price. (The current price is approximately $500,000 with an estimated $200,000 cost for the remodel.) The building has been on the market for about a year so there is potential for the price to be lowered if the owner is more motivated to sell and we have the right real estate agent.
Next Steps
Pastor Aoki agreed this space is definitely worth praying and considering because the potential for the space is so great.  Therefore, this Sunday we are meeting with a Realtor in our church to see what the reality is on price negotiation and the gentleman in our church who oversaw the Shiga Church remodel.  We hope to once again look at the space with these folks and our MTW Team Leader to see if this is something we should move forward on.  The plan is to have a joint partnership between MTW and our denomination in Japan to help purchase this property through donations and Japanese bonds.
Your Role
This is a lot of information, but we really covet your prayers and wanted to update you since many of you have been praying for space not only for our family, but for the new church plant for years! Pray God would either clearly open or close doors.  Pray for financing.  Pray for accuracy in the remodel quote.  Pray for willingness to negotiate on the land price if we move forward.  Pray for a motivated Realtor. Please pray for wisdom and ultimately that this space (or other space) would be used for the advancement of God’s Kingdom and His Glory!
Michael Carter
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