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Ministry Update - February 2018



In Japan the fiscal year and school year all begin in April so it is natural to spend January thru March reflecting on the previous year and looking forward and planning for the “new” year. We write this newsletter with more questions than answers and feeling more unsure than confident in the upcoming year. As you read through our update please pray for God’s wisdom and guidance. He has been gracious to lead us thus far and we trust he will continue to do so and in that same confidence we know your prayers are a necessity.

We are currently looking for rental space in the downtown area to use for various outreaches and events as well as for office space. We are currently using Shiga church and the seminary building downtown but it’s important to have our own space in our target area in which to host events and outreaches. We’ve looked at various spaces last year but either the rent was beyond our price range or the restrictions (such as noise or time restrictions) were too strict. Pray as we consider renting spaces on an event by event basis or whether we need our own space full time. Please pray for the Lord to provide a good space that is easily accessible, affordable and useful for ministry.

Pray as Cathalain is reevaluating her role in ministry. Thus far Cathalain has really been like a full time staff person at Shiga Church and helping with the church plant. Recently she is feeling more of a pull to focus on our family and especially wants to focus on our kid’s after school education. We have always appreciated that our mission gives the freedom for our family to decide the wife’s role and we always reevaluate every year. Thankfully most of Cathalain’s responsibilities at Shiga Church are going to be taken over by church members next year and our intern. Please pray for wisdom for her as we consider her role in the new church plant.

Praise the Lord our intern decided to extend her contract for an additional year. We are very pleased with how she has plugged in at Shiga. The Session would like to see her work more for our church plant so pray for wisdom as we brainstorm ways she can do more in our target area.

We have also realized recently that we do indeed need to move just a bit further south. When we came back from America we felt it was better to save on rent than to immediately move into our target area which was absolutely the best decision. After two years here, we are feeling that within the next two years we need to move a half mile to a mile south for the church plant. In our next e-mail update we hope to update you on some ways we see God answering this concern and ways you can be involved in making this vision a reality.

Finally, please pray with us for God to provide other people to join our work in planting a church in downtown Nagoya. There is much that can be done but is impossible for only our family and the Aoki’s who are full time at Shiga Church to do. We have a vision for a college ministry at the nearby campus, mercy ministry as well as starting other outreaches besides English that can be avenues for sharing the gospel while also being ministries that the Japanese can eventually take over and make their own. Pray for workers!

This year as we received our financial updates from MTW we were so encouraged. Not only because we ended the year breaking even, but as we reflected on your generosity whether emotional, spiritual, physical and/or financially. Year after year through your sacrifices we have been able to serve and we are so grateful. Thank you for being our partners!

Michael, Cathalain, Tobin, Elisabeth & Maddie Carter 
“for we walk by faith, not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5:7

  • February 9 – Kid’s Club
  • February 11 – Chocolate Party – Shiga Church Sunday School Outreach (Over 60+ kids are expected)
  • February 12 – Elisabeth’s B-Day Party/Tobin Baseball Tournament
  • February 13 – Cooking Class/YA English/Bible Time
  • February 14 – Hug Hug Childrearing Group
  • February 15 – Pre-school Prayer Meeting
  • February 16 – Church Planting Incubator (at CBI)
  • February 17 - Presbytery
  • February 18 – Michael Preaching at Shiga Church
  • February 22 – Michael Leading Prayer Meeting
  • February 26 – Okazaki Women’s Bible Study
  • February 27 – YA English/Bible Time
  • February 28 – Hug Hug Childrearing Group
**English Classes every Wednesday night and Thursday**
In Japan people send New Year's postcards.  This was our first year of sending them out.  Not too shabby for our first try!
While home in America we spent a lot of time buying souvenirs for our friends in Japan.  Souvenirs are big part of the culture in Japan and very important.  Cathalain's mom made dresses for some of Elisabeth's friends and their sisters. They were so special and the girls love to wear them together.
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