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Ministry Update - December 2017



It is hard for us to believe there are only 9 days left until Christmas!  Instead of a normal update we have put a snippets from our past two months and ways we would appreciate you praying for us.  Please take time to read these throughout the next nine days and pray not only for us, but for our Japanese church and those whom don't yet know the marvelous grace of Christ.
  • In November the Japan Presbyterian Church held their General Assembly where all the Pastors gathered together.  This year I was formally introduced during our Presbytery's work to officially announce the start of our church planting work.  Praise God we are moving forward and the word is spreading about our church plant!
  • In November a boy in Tobin's first grade class passed away from a brain tumor.  Cathalain went to the Buddhist funeral with Tobin.  It was not only a good opportunity for us to help Tobin understand the differences between Christianity and Buddhism, but it was also a stark reminder of why we are here.  Cathalain said upon coming home it was one of the saddest experiences she ever had.  Truly the contrast between Buddhist and Christian funerals can't be more opposite. Pray as Cathalain and Tobin were the only Christians there and pray the Holy Spirit would work in our neighborhood!
  • Praise God the Pre-School Mom's Prayer Group has continued.  At the last gathering there were 13 moms who came.  Only four are Christian!  Pray God would use this time and grow these moms to a deeper understanding of the Gospel.
  • One of our team members broke her leg while we were at CPI in October.  After consultation it was decided she needed surgery.  She has now been in the hospital for six weeks for recovery and rehabilitation.  She was a one year intern and was supposed to return to America in December so pray the doctors will release her from rehab on the 22nd of December. Pray for Cathalain as she has been busy coordinating the effort to sort the intern's items and pack up her apartment.
  • In November Cathalain fractured two of her ribs.  After various trips to different doctors to help with everything from fever/infection to terrible pain she finally found an orthopedic doctor who was able to put her in a brace and prescribe medicine which significantly reduced the pain. She is back at 80% but still is limited in what she can do.  Praise God that in the busiest time of year this weakness was used and it required more people to jump in an serve and helped even deepen relationships Cathalain has made.
  • December is an incredible time of outreach within the church.  We have had Gospel Choir events, a large Sunday School outreach with over 60 kids in attendance, our English Kid's outreach with around 40 kids and our adult party where Cathalain cooked a Christmas Dinner, the whole spread, for around 30 people.  Next week members from the church will be holding a service at a hospital and caroling around various neighborhoods.  Pray for all these outreaches and for all the new contacts we are making.  Praise God for the stamina he has given us and although we have been quite busy in the midst we have had so many deep conversations. Also pray that we ourselves would be able to stop and ponder the the true miracle of Christmas and revel in God's plan.
  • Pray as I preach tomorrow (17th) and will be giving a Gospel Christmas Message on Thursday at a Christmas Party.  Our friend always invites all her friends and this year even a Shinto Priest's wife and her family will be coming.  She is quite curious about the Christian God and is looking forward to my talk.  She says she is amazed how different the Christian God is versus Shinto.  Pray the Holy Spirit would work in her heart and use my message!
  • Please pray as we need guidance with some issues that have come up with Cathalain's Bible Study in Okazaki.  We can't go into details, but pray for wisdom for our Pastor, Aoki, and the new Pastor of Okazaki Church.  Pray as there will be a meeting in January to discuss issues between the Pastors.  Ultimately we pray to Glorify God while maintaining the peace within the church.
  • Elisabeth was evaluated for her speech and there were deficiencies found.  Some were because of her bilingual upbringing, but others were separate.  Thankfully before the therapist heads back to America she was able to have four sessions with Elisabeth and we are already seeing remarkable growth.  Pray as we continue to work with Elisabeth!
  • Praise God that throughout November and December Cathalain has had many one on ones with other moms.  One mom wanted to meet with Cathalain and spent two and a half hours talking about the church and the Gospel.  She told Cathalain she loves to study the Bible and believes it is true but is nervous about baptism because she thinks her husband is against it.  Pray for this woman and pray our church can help disciple her!  We have two women who are really struggling with the decision of baptism and both are unsure because of their spouses.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to work!
  • Praise God we are breaking even this year in our support account.  We are so grateful to those who give financially so faithfully.  Pray for God to provide funds once again for an intern next year.  We are hoping our current intern will stay on for one more year, but if not we have realized our church plant and Shiga Church are in need of another full time staff member.  Pray for wisdom for our intern, Akiko, to decide where God is leading her and pray for a few one-time gifts to help continue to support an intern position.  If you feel led to give please make a donation to:“Nagoya City CP – #92895” Please mail checks to: Mission to the World / P.O. Box 744165 / Atlanta, GA 30374-4165 or give online at
We can't tell you enough how grateful we are for you.  These past two months have been filled with some of the hardest challenges we have had yet, physically and spiritually, but they have also been the best months we have had in Japan.  God is opening so many doors and we are truly enjoying what we do everyday.  It is a privilege to serve here and we know this would not be possible without your sacrifices.  Continue to pray as the battle is very real, but pray with hope because God sent his only son for us!

Merry Christmas,

Michael, Cathalain, Tobin, Elisabeth & Maddie Carter

"Therefore the Lord Himself will give you a sign: Behold, a virgin will be with child and bear a son, and she will call His name Immanuel." - Isaiah 7:14
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  • December 17 – Michael Preaches at Shiga Church / School Christmas Party
  • December 18 & 19  – Cathalain Meeting with Various Moms
  • December 21 - Okazaki Preschool Event, Okazaki Christmas Party (Michael will give a Message), Christmas Service at a Local Hospital
  • December 23  – Caroling with Members of our Church
  • December 24 – Christmas Worship / Potluck / Christmas Afternoon Candle Light Service
  • December 25 - January 5 – Cathalain and Kids Travel to Phoenix for Winter Vacation.  It was decided it was best for Michael to stay back.  Pray for safe travels and pray as Michael will have a lot of opportunities to hang out with other guys and work on sermon preparation and translations.
Kid's English Christmas Party
Part of the Group from our Adult Christmas Party where Cathalain made a Traditional Christmas Dinner...It was exciting to see friends who have never been to church come for this event and enjoy hearing Michael's talk on Christmas
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