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Ministry Update - April 2020



As Cathalain was hurriedly packing to leave for America one thought she had amidst the chaos was she would be able to worship at our home church for Easter.  Although she enjoys Easter in Japan, Cathalain always misses Easter more than any holiday and longs to be worshiping at our home church. She was so excited, but, as with all of you, we worshiped via the computer in our living room instead.  Although expectations haven’t been fulfilled as we grieve the small losses we are reminded today that Christ has Risen, he has paid the penalty for our sin and we, even amidst the disappointments and losses, are alive in Him.

As with everyone else in the world, the corona virus situation has been a disruption for our family and any plans we once had. We were scheduled to be down in Florida by now visiting our supporting churches and visiting you, but all those plans have been cancelled or indefinitely postponed.  We feel in many ways we are so close, yet so far! We are currently still in Lexington, VA living at my parents’ house. They have been very gracious as their lives have been disrupted, not only by this virus, but by four very active grandkids who are staying with them much longer than expected. They had also just listed their house since my father is retiring in May 2021 and unbelievably signed a contract this week.  This means that in June they will be moving to a rental property.  Please pray for wisdom for us as far as when it is safe to travel to Florida, how we can help them move, a rental to move into, and grace for all while packing with four extra “helpers!”

We are so grateful for the timing of our departure from Japan and really see God’s hand in it all.  We are continuing to talk and help think through ministry during this Pandemic with Shiga Church.  Cathalain has been working to line up English teachers, even if they end up doing virtual classes, and preparing for the new school year which started last week.  Students went back for entrance ceremonies and then the same day the schools were postponed for two more weeks.  Pray for Cathalain and the staff at Shiga to know when to start English, smooth transitions to on-line classes, and for the new teachers who are starting without the normal training. We are also excited to report Tom Wilson who does music ministry on our team has decided to start a Boy’s Choir as an outreach for the new church plant.  Pray for a good launch and wisdom on timing.  God has also provided someone to live in the Ministry Center while we are gone.  All of these are blessings and ways God has provided for our ministry even in our absence. It is times like this we are so grateful for our partnership with Shiga Church!

As we are staying in place we see God’s provision in allowing us space and time to rest.  We returned to American mentally and physically exhausted.  We have settled into good routines homeschooling our children, enjoying the country and time together as a family, and I have been able to catch up on many neglected administrative duties as well as continue working on sermons and talks for when we return.  To have this time has been so great and we are very thankful.  Pray we can continue to have a thankful attitude as we now are longing more and more to see people and return to a more normal Home Ministry Assignment (HMA.)

It’s comforting to be reminded at Easter that despite all the uncertainty and upheaval in the world, it is certain that Christ is risen and sovereign over all things. We pray that all this turmoil going on in the world would not rattle the comfort and joy that we have in the truth of Christ’s resurrection. Thank you to all of you for your continued support and partnership in expanding God’s church in in the unchurched country of Japan. Happy Easter from our family to yours!

Michael, Cathalain, Tobin, Elisabeth, Maddie & Abigail Carter

“Where, O death, is your victory?    Where, O death, is your sting?”  The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law.  But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. – 1 Corinthians 15:55-57


Specific Prayer Requests for our HMA
  • Pray for wisdom as we try to think through our time in America.
  • Pray for Maddie and Tobin's passports to be processed quickly.  Pray for Maddie to be granted a visa and pray our visas would not be canceled.
  • Pray as we help the Carters pack and move into a rental house.  Pray for wisdom on when it is safe to head down to Florida.
  • Pray for the many routine medical check-ups we need, Elisabeth to be able to be evaluated by a speech therapist and for our children to be evaluated education wise.
  • Pray as Cathalain is trying to help launch the new English Program year in Japan from America.  Pray for the staff in Japan and the new teachers.  Pray ultimately we could reflect to these 60+ students and their families God's love for them.
  • Prayer for my sermon preparation time. Pray I would be faithful to presenting Christ in the text, for my translation and the time it takes to translate, and for my Japanese tutor who helps check and teach me how to write more naturally as we work in different countries.
Michael preaching at Grace Presbyterian in Lexington, VA via the web.

Financial Update

We appreciate the many who have reached out asking how our support account is during this time of reduced giving.  We are currently maintaining a balance in the positive. We ask for those who are able to continue giving as normal and those with adjusted incomes during this time to know we understand if you can no longer give as normal.  While in America we have been tasked with raising an addition $400-$500 in monthly giving.  If you would like to partner in this way please contact us or check out how to give on our website.

Let's Catch Up

If you have time we would love to catch up and share about what God is doing in Nagoya, Japan.  We can Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or call. We can even set up group meeting for your small group, etc. We'd also love to hear what God is doing in your life during this time too!

If you have kids and/or would just love to get a letter in the mail let us know! Each week we send drawings from the online art program we are doing to various people.  We'd love to add you to the list!

Do you or your kids have questions about Japan? Send an email and we'd be happy to answer them!
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