Men's Ministry: How We Accomplish Our Mission

How we accomplish this mission

  • Men’s small group – “doing life together”; men challenging and supporting each other in spiritual growth, fellowship and relationship building.

  • Men’s bible study – deepening faith in study of the Word and application of Christian principles in daily life.

  • Men’s Summer Dinner Series – breaking bread together at someone’s home once a month during the 5 warmest months of the year.  Usually one man shares his testimony of how the Lord has worked in his life.

  • Men’s Spring Breakfast & Teaching – an early Saturday morning opportunity to have an awesome breakfast together and hear a participatory lesson on applying Biblical principles to daily living.

  • Men’s Winter Retreat – a great start to each New Year with a weekend away to bond with brothers in Christ and take a deeper dive in the Word.  Led by an accomplished teacher, the topics always revolve around building men of faith for His church.

  • Men’s Hike Ministry – Grace PCA’s new and growing ministry modeled after successful ministries at other faithful churches, this concept takes spiritual growth and healing out on the trail for a 3-4 day adventure with fellow Christian men.  This ministry also serves to bring unbelieving men or those who have left the church back into fellowship with Jesus Christ.

  • Men’s Mentoring Program -  a newly launching (2018) program to form unique Christian relationships between guys of different ages and experiences.  This relationship can take different forms, including several mentees meeting with a mentor on a recurring basis to share their experiences and challenges together.  Growth is not one-sided, but occurs for both mentor and mentee.  A great way to develop friendships of brotherhood with other men in a semi-structured manner that can be suited to fit individual needs.