Limited Public Worship & Online Worship

Limited Public Worship Begins on May 17 @ 11

Online Worship @ 11 Continues

From Paul Carter

At the meeting of the Elders and Deacons Monday night, there were three major decisions and several recommendations for implementation of those decisions. The decisions are:

1.     We will begin public worship on Sunday May 17th at 11 am and also continue our broadcast over the internet through Vimeo for all who are not yet comfortable with attending or who have existing health issues.

2.     Teaching Fellowships will continue over Zoom until the end of these classes. The classes will start at 9:45 am ending at 10:30 am so that those who want to attend public worship will have time to get to the building.

3.     Sunday Morning Children’s ministries will not begin again at this time. There will be no Children’s Sunday School classes, Nursery, or Children’s Church. 

The rationale concerning beginning public worship is our biblical position that public worship is a necessity for the spiritual well-being of God’s people. Because we believe that the Bible teaches us to obey the authorities He has placed over us for our protection, and to care for each other’s well-being, we adjusted our meetings to be online until the time when the Governor said that it is appropriate for churches to meet in person. Unless Governor Northam changes his mind, as of 12 am Friday morning, we will be allowed to meet at half capacity and with the same precautions relative to social distancing. 

Currently, we have 310 seats in the sanctuary allowing for 155 to attend together.  The Deacons will set up the room for us to be able to maintain social distancing. Below are several recommendations and requests we believe to be important precautions to make:

1.     Please sit with your family and be careful to keep the proper distances as you enter and leave the building.

2.     Masks are recommended for the protection of others.

3.     Offering plates will be marked clearly and placed at the entrances and exits to the worship area.

4.     Bulletins will be placed on the particular chairs that will best maintain proper distancing during worship. Please do not use the other chairs unless necessary for your family to sit together. 

5.     We will not provide coffee at this time.

We are considering how to best celebrate the Lord’s Table together and intend to begin this important aspect of our worship in July.

For the time being, building use will be limited to the offices. Exceptions will be made on a case by case basis.

We look forward to beginning to meet together even though we are doing so on a limited basis. The Officers will re-evaluate decisions as necessary and in light of any changes in circumstances and/or new information. Thank you for your prayers and faithful ministry in these times.