GRACE this Week - January 11-17



Men of Grace Winter Retreat - January 19-21

Contact Paul Sulewski (; 973-919-2060‬)

Lewis Lovett Retreat Leader - Theme: Gospel Relationships



Kid's Club and Youth Groups Starting Again on Sunday, January 21



GRACE FOOD - every Sunday



Sunday School & Adult Teaching Fellowships @ 10

The Church on Mission (Room 201). This class is the next step of moving through the entire Bible in order to understand the big picture of the story of redemption that it tells. This step is the Book of Acts and follows the Holy Spirit’s work of expanding the Church of Jesus as the gospel goes from Jerusalem, through Samaria, and on into the rest of the World. There are study guides available and each lesson is a discussion of the Biblical text. Led by Lucas Morel, Wayne Dymacek, and Chad Danner

The Last Days According to Jesus (Room 204). Jesus’ teachings on the Last Days have been debated, misread, ridiculed, and dismissed by skeptics in order to undermine the Bible and undermine Jesus Himself. In the Church of Jesus they have been mostly ignored except to prove somebody’s position on the timing of the Second Coming. This Teaching Fellowship focuses on Jesus’ teaching in order to give us greater understanding and confidence in what Jesus taught about the Last Days and, though much of the future is uncertain, to show that we can be certain that “the future belongs to the people of God and to the kingdom of Christ.” This a series of videos with discussion led by Curt Wilbur, Michael Anderson, and Paul Carter.




Kid's Club Christmas Program & Birthday Party for Jesus, December 10, 2017 Photos