Grace Rafiki Mini-Misson Team in Kenya


July 6 - Hard At Work

We are in our second week now and all is still well. Victor and Greig have knocked a few jobs off their list with many more to go. It is difficult to get parts/ supplies here so the pace is slow. They are great mentors for the teenage boys. When you see Victor or Greig they are usually surrounded by 15-20 "helpers". They are incredibly patient. The ladies are organizing art and craft projects such as card-making and yarn jewelry, as well as playing games and sports. The children all remember the team from two years ago with fondness and send their greetings. We continue to ask for your prayers and that our Almighty God will be glorified in all that we say and do.

For the team and in His love,



July 2 - We Have Arrived!

Dear Grace Family,

We are here safe and sound, working hard, and healthy.  Our trip over was great and went smoothly.  Victor and Greig have more "fix-it" jobs ahead of them than they will ever be able to accomplish in our time here.  They were put to work the first night here digging up a sewer line because we had stopped up toilets. The ladies are working with the kids playing games and planning activities. We are loving it!  We love and miss you all and covet your prayers for the reminder of our time here and the trip home.

In His love,