Grace Mentoring Ministry

Grace Mentoring Ministry Fall Launch

Our church is starting a new ministry this fall for men and women who seek to develop a deeper understanding on a range of topics that impact everyday Christian life.  The concept of a mentoring ministry is to provide a platform for both mentor (leader/teacher) and mentee (participant/student) in which both parties learn from each other in a semi-structured environment.  The mentors are not "experts" in their topic but have a heart to share their experience with a fellow Christian, using a book, video series or other resource as a basis for the study.

Here are a few highlights describing the program:

  • This ministry is a joint effort by the Men's and Women's Ministries to provide a platform for building relationships with other adults at Grace. Mentor/Mentee relationships will be single gender. 

  • Topics being offered this fall will be published in August with mentee sign-ups starting in late August.  

  • The first mentor/mentee meetings will kick-off in October and run through April 2019.  One meeting per month between mentor/mentee is the recommended frequency so as not to overburden either party (a total of 6-8 meetings, depending on the group's desire).  Meeting times and locations that work best will be determined by each mentor/mentee team.

  • The program will formally end in April; it is purposely not an ongoing mentoring relationship.  New mentors and topics will be developed during the summer for roll-out each fall.

  • If there is more than one mentee interested in each topic, up to three mentees will be allowed to participate and will become a mentoring group (one mentor meets with up to three mentees at each session).  

  • Look for more information in the near future!