Paul Carter’s Grace Worship Opening on August 13, 2017

Yesterday in Charlottesville, not far from the events we kept watching in disbelief on our TV’s, there was a multi-racial worship service going on. It was not noticed and won’t be noticed but it was the picture of where this world will end up on the Last Day when Jesus is revealed.

Words fail us today even when we try to speak about our abhorrence for what is happening in our society in general and specifically in Charlottesville yesterday. No matter how we express ourselves, even about this atmosphere of hatred, it is offensive to somebody because we’ve not said enough or we’ve said too much. There really is no WE right now only YOU. We are caught between “love your enemies” and “the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” as though those are mutually exclusive options.

Even here in the place where the Triune God is our focus, our tendency is to complain about the symptoms. That’s because we are far from believing that the immense failures we are experiencing here and across the world are reflections of the volcanic eruption of a world against God and His Christ and that the solution is the gospel of Jesus practiced and witnessed to.

Many of us here have lived through these things before and hoped they wouldn’t come again. But the history of the world is not love periodically gone bad and then fixed. It is hatred daily boiling over in homes, on the streets between neighbors, and between nations who threaten and sometimes blast each other.

This is not our time as Christians to sit and wonder why. It is time to be the church of Jesus as effectively, thoughtfully, and actively as God gives us strength; in our homes, in our streets, and to support His church across this planet as we are able. And so we continue in prayer; right now, tomorrow and tomorrow. We continue in ministry of the gospel in all its facets today, tomorrow and tomorrow. And we continue in the work of expanding the Gospel’s reach in our homes, on our streets, and across the planet.

Big talk? Maybe. But it’s what we been saying for years here though once again made more immediate because events erupted that wake us up to the need for greater care and planning to live out the gospel more fully as the universal church of Jesus.

As always, we must be about the Father’s business, living out the life of Him who died for us knowing that, like that worship service and prayer service yesterday in Charlottesville, it won’t get noticed for what it is.  But this is the leaven of the gospel that, as Jesus said, slowly infiltrates until finally the world is filled with His glory and weapons are turned into plowshares and people make war no more. We know that is what God is doing in our souls and where history is going. Our calling continues to be that we join in the work of the Kingdom and pray “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Let’s pray.