Build The Grace Thankful Tree - Calling All Children & Adults


Build The Grace THANKFUL TREE - Calling All Children & Adults

November is almost here and our second annual Thankful Tree is being put into place at church. Thank you to all the teachers for helping get the ball rolling in your Sunday School, Youth and Adult Teaching Fellowship Classes on Sunday mornings.

Beginning this Sunday, November 3, each classroom will have a ziplock bag with a sharpie and some leaves in your classroom. Please take a few minutes to pass those around and have your members write something for which they can give thanks to God!
Depending upon the preference for each age group, the class teacher may either ask you to hang your leaf on the Grace THANKFUL TREE in the commons, or collect them and your teacher will hang them for you.
What a great opportunity for us to have a visual display of the Lord's mighty works among us in the coming weeks!