Announcements for
July 5- July 11

This Sunday, July 5, we will be celebrating the Lord’s Supper as a part of our Worship. 
Please take some time to
prepare your hearts.


Via Zoom July 12 - August 9 and In person @ Grace August 16 - September 20

The Epistles of John (1 John, 2 John, 3 John)
The epistles of John, addressed to Christians at the end of the first century, were written to encourage believers in the face of false teachings, to assure them of their new life in Christ, and to steer them to safe harbour. When thousands are compromising the gospel and embracing modern philosophies, these epistles can help us remain faithful to the gospel.
Led by Paul Carter, Nat Davidson and Michael Anderson.


Thank you to all who helped the Deacon’s with the outside work last week.

Thank you to those who helped with the family reception after Nancy Leech’s funeral on Tuesday.
They deeply appreciate the kindness.

Help Celebrate Carl Planck Jr.'s 102nd Birthday!
With praise and thanksgiving to God, Lynne Pofandt's father,
 Carl Plank Jr., will celebrate his 102nd birthday on July 12.

As many may know, Carl was a decorated fighter pilot in the Pacific during WWII, and was one the first NASA engineers to respond to Apollo 13's now famous distress call, "Houston, we've had a problem here."  Unfortunately, Covid-19 restrictions have kept Carl from worshiping with us each week,
and he feels very isolated and unable to hear from others.

 If you are able, please consider sending him a Birthday Card.
His mailing address is  575 Union Run, Lexington, VA 24450.

Buffalo Creek Boys School
 Buffalo Creek Boys School an independent, classical, Christian middle school located in Rockbridge County for grades five through eight.  The school is committed to celebrating the unique characteristics of boys while offering rigorous academic disciplines within a Christian worldview. If you would be interested in learning more about the school go to



Covid-19 has sharply increased the need for non-perishable food, diapers and infant formula at the 
Rockbridge Area Relief Association Food Pantry. To help, we are collecting:
(1) donations you are able to bring to Grace during the week between 9:00 and noon
(simply open the side door to the Commons and place them inside),
(2) donations you would like picked up at on your home porch
(simply contact Jane Hoadley at 540-460-4524, to schedule a pick-up).

Did you know that you can support our missions just by grocery shopping?  Kroger has a Community Rewards Program that gives a percentage of its earnings to non-profit groups.  Enrolling is simple!  Just go to to create an account.  Once you have an account go to Community Rewards and choose Grace Presbyterian Church - Organization number 93851.  We receive quarterly checks which go to our missions budget.  If you have any questions about enrolling please talk to Jackie Coburn or Julie Carter.  Thank you!!!!



Going out of town?  Use the convenient online giving feature in GRACE Connected.  Click on "Give" on the left side of your Home Page.  Contact:  Curt Wilbur (540-460-5405) with any questions.

The Grace Online Directory (password protected) includes over 250 Grace members and regular attendees. Please contact Curt Wilbur (540-460-5405) if (1) you are not part of the Grace Online Directory and would like to do so, (2) you have forgotten your password, or (3) you would like your photo updated. We can arrange a time before or after any Worship Service to take pictures and help everyone learn the names and faces of fellow worshipers as our church body grows.



facebook:  From your Facebook page, find us at Grace Presbyterian Church - PCA.  Connect with a growing number in our Grace digital community as they seek to strengthen their discipleship and make Christ preeminent in their lives.

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Kid's Club @ Work - Christmas Shoeboxes, November 17, 2019 Photos