Adult Teaching Fellowships via Zoom

We are a group of people who love Jesus and want to love Him more tomorrow than we do today. For that reason during this season of coronavirus restrictions, we meet together on Zoom to study the Scriptures and strengthen our discipleship. 



Adult Teaching Fellowships via Zoom - Sunday from 9:45 - 10:30am

Join us every week or as you are able. You're always welcome.

Don't miss these opportunities via Zoom for teaching and conversation about the Bible and Biblical issues with like-minded friends. 

April 19 through July 5 

After God’s Own Heart – the Gospel according to David – Zoom link:

This teaching fellowship is a study which pushes us past the simple facts of David’s life to his place in the history of God’s work of redemption. The class will focus on what he teaches us about faith, faithfulness, sin, worship, justice, and the glorious gospel of the greatest King, Jesus Himself. The format is discussion of the Bible passages, how they are pointers to, or fulfilled by, Christ Jesus, and the applications to our lives. Led by Mark Stoneburner and Rob Sherrard.

Confronting Christianity – 12 hard questions for the world’s largest religion – Zoom link:

This teaching fellowship will look at the questions that are being asked by people outside and inside of the Church, and giving answers. Questions such as “How can you say that there’s only one true faith?” and “hasn’t Science disproved Christianity?” and “How could a loving God allow so much suffering.” This class will be helpful to the discussions you may find yourself in with your children, neighbors, or co-workers. Led by Mark Coddington and Curt Wilbur.

Who is the Holy Spirit – Zoom link:

This is a video/discussion series repeated from 2 years ago. The video is the teaching of Dr. Sinclair Ferguson on the Holy Spirit; a study that was deeply appreciated when it was first used. In fact, several people in the class bought their own copies and others asked that we repeat it. In his teaching, Dr. Ferguson puts Scripture together that describes the person and ministry of the Spirit in such a way that our faith is built and our understanding of the gracious work of the Spirit is enlarged to our great benefit. Led by Chad Danner and Greg Shear.