Abby Kirkham Iverson - Thrive Mission Update

November/December 2019


My Dear Ministry Teammates,

Today I write to you from our new house! This fall was a bit of a crazy one with the Music and Mingle fundraiser, more work with forming the Thrive Adventures non-profit, and personal things like buying a house. Through it all, God has continually reminded me how very small I am, how very great He is, and what good news both of those facts are. He has done wondrous things in our lives this fall and I look forward to sharing the news of them with you, dear teammate. Please read on to hear how God has been faithful to Thrive Adventures Asheville the past few months.                                               - abby 

Music & Mingle Fundraiser

Our hearts rejoice at God's graciousness toward our first Music & Mingle event! Our hope for November 15th was to invite in the community around us that they might be encouraged and drawn into the mission and vision of Thrive Adventures. 

The night was such a success as around sixty people joined us to enjoy the music of several talented musicians. Those in attendance heard stories from past Thrive trip participants and were given the opportunity to bid in our silent auction of local art, experiences, and weekend house rentals. We are so grateful for the chance to share what we do and build up the ministry, surrounded by a community that is supporting us in prayer, encouragement, and financial support. I'm so happy to share that the Lord blessed us with over $4,000 to start our whitewater rafting program here in Asheville! Our desire is for this new activity to draw more participants in that we might share the Gospel and help others walk more closely with our Father. Thank you for praying for this event, your prayers were felt and answered. Thank you to all those who attended and donated items for our event, we're so grateful for you all!

We are also thankful for Jess Ray and the beautiful music that she shared with us at the event. If you've never heard of her, I encourage you to look her up! She is a Christian singer/songwriter from North Carolina. Her music speaks so genuinely of experiences and conversations with the Lord. I especially love the song "In the Meantime" as it speaks of God's knowledge over our lives even in times when we don't understand, but He certainly does. This really resonates with our current season of life. 

"And in time,
I'll let you in on everything I'm planning.
When it's time,
I'll let you see everything you're asking me.
When it's time,
you will know why there are things
I'm hiding from you.
But I'm gonna satisfy
everything in the meantime."
A few photos from the event: 
Update: National Ministry Operations/Nonprofit

We are officially under review to be a 501(c)3! Our application was received and we are now in the 3-6 months waiting phase to hear back from the IRS. In the meantime we are working hard to get our operations in order (which is no small task). Thankfully this summer we welcomed Jenn Blanche to our Maine team who will be working alongside me on operations as our Administrative Manager. Jenn is an answer to our prayers and we are so thankful for her saying yes to God's call on her into ministry! In the next few winter months she and I will be working closely to prepare our staff for operating as our own non-profit. This includes managing our bank account, setting up systems for reimbursements, reporting to the IRS, and so much more. This is not the glamorous side of what I do, but it is certainly important for the maintaining of this ministry God has entrusted to us. 

The 2020 Calendar

We are now booking our 2020 calendar and praying for the participants the Lord sends our way. Our hope to equip and encourage the local church drives us to continue reaching out to more and more groups of people locally and beyond Asheville. In our first year of operation we have served local church small groups, high schools, colleges, summer camps, missions teams, and business leaders. We hope to continue and grow these opportunities in 2020! Please let me know if you are interested in bringing a group on an experience with us in the next year. I would love to brainstorm with you on how you and your community might grow relationally and spiritually while bringing more to know Christ and live like Him! 

The Iversons

As I mentioned above, this November Mark and I officially bought our first house! We feel so grateful the season of looking and waiting for the right house is over and know that God has provided the perfect house for us. Not only does our neighborhood border the Blue Ridge Parkway, we are also just a few houses down from two families who are dear friends from church. Oakley is loving our fenced in backyard and all the dogs in the neighborhood. We look forward to settling in and inviting others into our home for time of fellowship and community. Come visit us in our new home if you're ever in the Asheville area! 

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Prayers & Praises 
1. Praise the Lord with us for the success of Music & Mingle in November! Thank Him with us for the connections made and the money given to start our whitewater rafting program. 
2. Please continue to pray with us for the application for our 501(c)3 status. Pray that the agent reviewing our application would understand our mission and the pieces are all there for the approval we need to be a non-profit.
3. Continue praying that God would bring us more staff who are called to serve in outdoor ministry with Thrive Adventures in North Carolina.
4. Bring God thanks for the ways He allowed us to work in 2019 and pray for the booking of our calendar in 2020, that we might serve those who need to know Him or walk closer with Him. 

Partners in prayer and support, I'm incredibly grateful for you! Please let me know how I can be praying for you or celebrating in life with you! Never hesitate to reach out and know that I care for you deeply. Your part of this ministry is so clear to me!  Abby